Contact and How to Order

※To order, please send an email to, or if you’re a member, you can PM me at my profile on My Figure Collection

※Please include the price and a link to, or a description of the item you want in your message

※I will accept online orders, or requests to shop in stores and pick up an item in person

※I can place the order for you, or if you would prefer, I can provide you with my address and you can place the order yourself
NOTE: If you choose to order yourself, I will open the package to determine if the item inside is what you informed me of

※Please be sure the item you are ordering is legal for your age and your country before ordering!

Handling Fee per Order Total

0-14 USD – 6 USD fee
15-44 USD – 8 USD fee
45-74 USD – 10 USD fee
75-100 USD – 14 USD fee
101 USD and higher – 15% fee

Shipping offered

First Class

I will fill out the customs form however you instruct me to!
Unfortunately, tracking is only available for packages shipped via EMS


I only accept PayPal payment in USD
I will send an invoice unless instructed not to, in which case I will accept payments using “Purchase ⇨ Goods” or “Personal ⇨ Gift”
5 USD handling fee may be charged for puchasing packing materials for large orders


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